Friday, May 7, 2010

Calling all Monsters.

I know it has been a while since i have posted one of these. I kind of gave up on my side project. I didn't think that it was going anywhere. Maybe I will pick it up again in the future, but I can't guarantee anything. My life is going a million miles per hour and I just can't find the time to be creative.

My brother Ben talked my into being in a show with him at the community theater. We are playing the "Costazuela brothers" in Neil Simon's female version of The Odd Couple. We are pretty much the comic relief in the second act. We get to speak in a Spanish accent and be 'romantic and sexy.' I had trouble with the accent, but romance and sexiness kind of runs in my blood.

Work is going well. Working some crazy shifts this month so that I can make time for all the practices/performances/moving that I will be doing. Pretty hectic month.

I will try to post more later. I love you. Jeremy

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