Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Home of the Molten Goat!

I don't have a very good excuse for waiting this long in between posts. The only excuse I can think of is that I have been too busy with my life to sit down for a half hour every couple of days and put my thoughts onto "paper", so to speak. The last few months have just caught me by surprise and trapped me in a sort of temporal anomaly. I feel like just last week, Lisa and I were looking for a new place to live and it wasn't even May yet. Now, it is the middle of July, we have a house, and the baby might be here any day.

You learn a lot when purchasing a new house. You learn even more when you purchase a house with in-laws. You start to learn everyone's boundaries and that what might seem like an acceptable "joke" to you is offensive to the other person. You learn to be a little more patient with people and you learn that even though you don't want to, sometimes the best action is to step back and let someone have their own way. The biggest thing I struggle with is sharing my things, especially my Xbox. But, even though there are times that I feel like just freaking out and being selfish, I have found that the better option is to just let it be and schedule my playing time around Ryan's playing time. Besides, my days of Xbox playing are numbered. More important things are coming.

With four very opinionated people living under the same roof, I thought for sure that we would have had the cops out to the house at least once a week by now. But, aside from a couple of stress induced spats, I think we are getting along pretty well.

Only time will tell if we can hold out and finish out the year peacefully. As long as we keep the scotch cold and the Coca-Cola in stock, I'll be happy.
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