Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Yeah! It's Thursday!

The middle of the week is always my least favorite. I absolutely hate Wednesdays. I would rather have a bowling ball thrown into my scrotum then deal with Wednesdays any more. The day seems like it never ends. Whatever. I'll stop being a little whine baby about it. We need to discuss some other, more important things.

I noticed while I was changing out of my work clothes today, and emptying out my pockets, that I own a lot of black things. I will name a few. My wallet, my watch, my cell phone, my cell phone holster, my car remote, my car, my laptop, my headphones, my camera, my bluetooth retro phone receiver, and my favorite pair of underwear. I just enjoy black things. I don't know why. I've always been a fan of the blacks. I mean black things. There is only one black thing that
I would never own. Black people. That is against the law.

Abraham Lincoln once said, while in line at a local StarBucks, "I love being able to buy dark coffee, but I would never even consider buying a dark person."

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